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cheap cell phone jammer

a cheap cell phone jammer is a device that transmits signals on the same frequencies at ... being conducted with the aim of blocking gsm communications in a certain area.

and then a lot of people will just take action and drive their car and also take their family members and then go outside to have a picnic and so on.
just tell them the requirments and soon find this
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so that the same strategy (jamming or jamming detection/mitigation) can be applied to any existing/developing ns-3 wireless phy layer protocols without any change.
interference (jamming) in wireless networks is an important example of malicious attacks in wireless networks
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deciding whether a node is being jammed/interfered, deciding how to mitigate jamming/interference).
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and existing phy models to send packets.
in his car for as long as two years
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our design goal is to abstract the underlying wireless phy layer protocol from the intelligence layer,
if you have found the method to help you get rid of the noise of the cell phones,
callback function invoked at the beginning of rx by wirelessmoduleutility to decided whether a packet is to be received.
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such as some people feel it is hard to fall asleep at night because of the noise of the phone calls at night.
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